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Subject: Fan fic- A Moments Peace
Title: A Moments Peace
Author: Poisongirll
Rating: PG-13
Genre and/or Pairing: Dean/Cas
Spoilers: Season 5, episode 6
Word Count:
Summary: Just a little one shot I wrote inspired by a clip of 6.06
Author's note: Many thanks to my wonderful girlfriend/beta (how lucky am I?!) hatteress for her help with this :) Read it hereCollapse )

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Some more pretty peektures

Hello all

The last couple of days have been pretty great. Went to Belfast yesterday and did the black taxi tour, it was sad to see the way people live in some places and strange to think that there's still conflict happening (though not as bad as it was of course). But there's still the segregation and bitterness, very sad, interesting though. Belfast itself is quite nice because it's surrounded by mountains, I'd say I liked it more than Dublin but I do like Temple Bar here and Belfast is quite a new city (100 years) so none of the buildings have the charm of some here.

Belfast city

A few of the murels painting around just outside of the city

Thought a few of you would appreciate this one *snicker*

A couple of Dublin

The Ha'Penny Bridge

The Temple Bar at....Temple Bar!

On the way to Belfast yesterday. Ooooh celtic

Today I was going to go to Blarney Castle but changed my mind (as the coaches head the same way) at the (very cute) drivers suggestion and I'm glad I did because it was amazing. I went to the Cliffs of Moher, such a good day. Pictures can't quite do it justice, but I've tried.

Quite a fewCollapse )


Things still going okay here. We've checked into our hostel for the next few days, it's in an old court house/police building so some of the rooms are pretty funny. I have to take a pic of the computer room, it's hilarious! Anyway, there are lots of photos under the cut of Christmas in York and other random things

Not quite a white christmas, but still wonderful...Collapse )

Well now I'm in holiday mode...

It's so funny, I'm looking forward to York and Paris like I haven't been on holidays for the past three weeks =p Today I ventured out to the Victoria and Albert museum...it was fantastic! I love it even more than the British Museum. Here are a few of my favorite pics

I LOVE this sculpture, it is soooo pretty

Thesues defeats the minotaur, I remember studying this in school!

Lots more under the cut for the museum-geeksCollapse )

Another big day

Anna and I went ice skating this morning! I am terribly horribly bad at this but we had loads of fun anyway. I only *nearly* fell over twice! (no photos of that unfortunately). We're going to see if we can do it again in Paris when we go

Somerset House

Pretty tree

After that I did a few errands, managed to open a bank account with Lloyds, huzzah! Then I headed back to the British Museum since I was in the area mainly to see the Greece and Epyptian sections. Mummies! Unfortunately my camera batteries died before being able to capture many pics of said mummies, but here's a few other things:

A daylight photo of the inside of the museum in all its splendour

A very very old body. I can't believe that its still around! Apparently because it wasn't enclosed the wind or something preserved it

A very cute canopic jar ^^

And last but not least a mummy. But my camera died before I got to take ones of the wrapped up ones *pout* I need one of the cat mummy!

I can't believe Christmas is in a week! It's going to be most bizare this year. There shall hopefully be much food and alcohol induced merriment. I'm kind of relieved not to have to do the present thing, as much I love giving them to people on the day it's so stressful beforehand and I always seem to get carried away. Still, will miss the family. Oh well, there's always next year.

Hmm, what to do tomorrow?? I want to do the Aquarium and the London Eye but I really should watch money until I get work in the new year. I would sell my right arm to see Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and The Sound of Music on stage just to name a few. Soon soon...

Edit: I just found the below quote in an old journal entry of mine and it made me laugh very hard, oh yes it did:

Bart: Everyone knows the first day back at school is a complete wank
Skinner: If by wank you mean educational fun, then stand back, it's wanking time!


More photos as promised, since I've done nothing and have time to waste =P

Clicky clickyCollapse )




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Steeled from bat_diva

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Doooo it!!!!

May as well get this over with. Then perhaps I will feel a little better. People make me very very angry. More than anything, I cannot stand stupid, closed minded people. Even worse when they judge others as well. Normally I block these people out, but sometimes they force their opinions on me anyway.

Most of you will have no idea what I am talking about, and it's probably not about you or anyone you know, though I have been very tempted to cut certain people from my list. I won't though, I shall just have to be careful about what I say to certain people in the future. It's not like I write anything of relevance in here anyway. Having said that, I don't really want silly old bitches reading this, so without further ado:


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